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Air Conditioning Repairs You Shouldn’t Ignore

If your home AC unit is old but still hums along, it makes sense to keep up with maintenance rather than spend thousands on an expensive replacement. Here are a few common Air Conditioning Repair Sherman Oaks that will help you keep your system running efficiently.

AC Repair

Clean the evaporator coil with a soft-bristle brush and vacuum the fins. The fan blade is usually fastened to the motor shaft with a setscrew.

The evaporator coil’s primary job is to absorb heat and transfer it to your home’s air. When the coil becomes dirty, it can’t do this effectively, and you may notice that your home isn’t as cool as usual.

A dirty evaporator coil can also cause other problems, including mold, mildew, high humidity, and unpleasant odors. If the coil remains dirty for too long, it can also shorten the life of your entire AC unit.

Dirty evaporator coils are one of the most common signs that you need to have your air conditioning system repaired or replaced. They can also lead to increased energy bills and reduced cooling efficiency.

To clean your evaporator coil, your dealer will first need to shut off the power supply to the coil. They will then remove any covers or panels that are blocking access to the coils. The dealer will then use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove dirt and debris from the coils without damaging them. If the coils have bent aluminum fins, the dealer can use a tool called a “fin comb” to straighten them.

Next, the dealer will spray the coils with a commercial-grade cleaning solution. They will let the solution soak into the coils for about an hour. Then they will rinse the coils with condensate water. They will inspect the evaporator coils for dirt, debris, and mold growth after they are cleaned.

If the evaporator coil is dirty, it will need to be cleaned more frequently. You can prevent this by keeping the area around the coils free of dirt and debris. This includes minimizing dirt from dryer vents, removing leaves and other debris, and trimming foliage back at least two feet away from the coil.

You can also take steps to reduce the buildup of dirt and debris on your evaporator coils by regularly changing the filter on your furnace. This can help keep dust and pollen from building up on the coils. It is also a good idea to have your air conditioner serviced twice a year.

Dirty compressor coils

The condenser coil in your air conditioner plays a vital role in the cooling process. However, dirt, dust, pollutants, leaves, and other debris can accumulate on the coils over time, reducing their effectiveness. This can result in reduced indoor comfort, higher humidity levels, and increased energy costs.

Dirty compressor coils make it difficult for your system to absorb and dump heat, causing the system to work harder to achieve a desired temperature. This additional stress can increase wear on all system components, resulting in more frequent and expensive service calls and shortened system life.

If a dirty evaporator coil isn’t cleaned properly, it can cause the compressor to overheat, resulting in an AC repair call and potentially a costly compressor replacement. In addition, a dirty coil can cause the refrigerant to leak out of the compressor. Fortunately, cleaning both evaporator and condenser coils can help reduce the amount of wear and tear on all system components and improve your energy efficiency rating, lowering your utility bills.

In many cases, cleaning your air conditioning system’s coils is a do-it-yourself job that you can complete with a garden hose. Turn off power to your unit at the circuit breaker, disconnect the power cable from the condenser, and then remove the cover to access the coil fins. Spray a hose around each fin, then use a non-acid, non-alkaline coil cleaner (available at hardware stores) to remove stubborn dirt and debris buildup.

It is also important to keep plants away from your air conditioning unit, as weeds, grass, and vines can block the airflow through the condenser and evaporator coils. In addition, you should regularly trim bushes and hedges to keep them from blocking or obscuring the coils. You should also maintain 2–3 feet of clearance between the outside air conditioning unit and the surrounding home to prevent dirt and other materials from accumulating on the compressor and evaporator coils. With regular cleaning, you can ensure your home stays cool and comfortable all summer. And with improved energy efficiency, you can save money on your electric bill as well!

Damaged coolant lines

Air conditioning systems require a special coolant to function. This coolant is called Freon, and if the level is low, it will prevent the system from cooling. A professional service technician can recharge the system with the proper amount of Freon.

The copper refrigerant lines that run from the condenser outside to the evaporator coil inside the house can become damaged for several reasons. They may be pierced by lawn mowers or construction work. The lines could also be punctured by someone tripping over them or even penetrated by nails or screws driven into the wall of the home. The hose clamps on these high-pressure lines can loosen over time and cause leaks. The o-ring seals on the ends of these lines can degrade over time as well. A professional will replace these parts with new ones to prevent air conditioning repair problems in the future.

Another problem that can occur is a cracked radiator cap. When a radiator cap can’t hold pressure, it will allow the engine to overheat. A professional service technician can replace the cap with one that can handle the system’s rated pressure and will make it easier to detect leaks.

In addition to examining and cleaning components, an air conditioning repair service will check the levels of refrigerant in a system. A refrigerant level check is a vital part of the AC repair process and identifies potential problems before they become costly repairs.

Other parts of the air conditioning repair process include assessing the airflow in the ductwork and checking for obstructions like blocked or dirty filters. Airflow assessment is a vital step in the air conditioning repair process because it helps the service technician identify problems with blockages that can be corrected to improve the airflow of the system. Airflow assessment is performed using HVAC diagnostic techniques, including visual inspection, pressure testing, and leak detection methods such as bubble tests or electronic sniffers. These techniques also help the service technician locate and diagnose issues such as electrical components that need replacement or wiring repairs.

Dirty Thermostat

A dirty thermostat can affect your air conditioning system’s performance in a couple of ways. First, it can prevent the unit from reaching its set temperature, and second, it can cause the fan to run all the time, wasting energy. Fortunately, this is one problem that is easy to resolve by performing some basic troubleshooting.

Start by turning off the power to the thermostat and removing the cover. Then use canned air to blow away any debris that is stuck inside. You may also need to remove the battery compartment cover and replace the batteries. After that, you can clean the sensor by using a cotton swab or soft cloth with isopropyl alcohol. Finally, replace the cover and restore power to the thermostat.

Thermostats are notoriously difficult to repair, but some simple steps can help you figure out what the issue is. For example, you can try to test the connection between the red power supply wire and the green fan wire by flipping a switch on the electrical panel to see if the fan comes on.

If it doesn’t, then you may need to replace the thermostat. You can also perform a visual inspection and check to make sure there are no loose or corroded wires. If you suspect that the problem is in the wiring, it’s best to call a professional because this type of work requires specialized knowledge and skills.

Dirty thermostats can increase your energy bills by as much as 7 percent. Cleaning your thermostat is a simple task that can save you money.

Working around electrical components can be dangerous, so be sure to consult a professional if you’re not comfortable with this process. A professional will have the tools and know-how to quickly diagnose and fix any problems that might arise. In addition, he or she will have experience with a variety of different types of heating and cooling systems. Ultimately, this will ensure that your home’s HVAC system is as efficient as possible.

The Benefits Of Drain Cleaning And Clearing

Drain cleaning and clearing are two different methods of improving the function of your plumbing system. Your plumber may recommend one over the other, depending on the cause of the problem. However, it is important to consider that drain clearing leaves behind remnants of previous clogs, which will only increase the chances of future clogs. Drain cleaning and clearing are not good solutions for clogged drains in most cases. Therefore, if you suspect that your drains are blocked, it is a good idea to hire a professional plumber.

drain cleaning

Acidic drain cleaners can disintegrate tissue paper inside water pipes. Sulfuric acid is an acid that dissolves cellulose and proteins like hair and fats. If not used properly, they can cause serious burns and may damage the plumbing system. Always use drain cleaners and tools designed for drain cleaning by professionals. To avoid the risks, read the instructions carefully. You should also always follow manufacturers’ instructions on how to flush the drain cleaners.
Biodegradable drain cleaners are a good option. These products do not unclog drains, but they do break down organic soils in the pipes. However, these products may not be powerful enough to dissolve the entire clog. The fastest way to remove the blockage is with chemical drain cleaners, but they can cause more damage. In extreme cases, chemical drain cleaners can warp PVC pipes, and metal pipes can corrode if too much is used.
A clogged drain can cause a foul smell and pools of water near the opening. It may also cause a gurgling noise and a rotting food odor. If you suspect a clog, call a professional plumber. Plumbing professionals will quickly identify the clog and fix the problem. So what are the benefits of drain cleaning? There are several different ways drains can be cleaned and repaired by a plumbing professional.
If you want to tackle your clogged drain yourself, use a plumber’s snake. A plumber’s snake consists of a long piece of metal with a coiled wire on the end. It is inserted into the drain and twisted until water begins flowing freely. The coiled wire breaks up the clogging matter. This is a good option if you’re environmentally conscious. Using a plumber’s snake won’t require the use of any toxic chemicals.
Hydro-jetting is another method for drain cleaning. This technique uses high-pressure water streams to clean pipes. A hydro jet is a hosepipe with a powerful nozzle. High-pressure water pushed through a drain at 35,000 PSI forces itself through the pipes and unclogs them. This technique can penetrate long pipes and remove blockages. If you are not sure which method is right for your situation, call a plumber first.
Clogged drains can be extremely annoying and unpleasant. You can prevent them from happening in the first place by avoiding the use of harmful substances. Avoid dumping fats down the drain in your kitchen, and keep a hair strainer over the drain while bathing. Doing so can prevent large hairballs from forming in the drain. Lastly, don’t use commercial liquid drain cleaners. These can cause damage to the pipes and may make the problem worse.
While it may be tempting to try drain cleaning yourself, professional plumbers can help you maintain the quality of your plumbing by eliminating the risk of scaling and clogging. Professional drain cleaning services can also prevent the growth of mold and fungus inside the pipes. By hiring a professional drain cleaning company, you can keep your pipes in good working condition and prevent frequent plumbing problems. In addition, to drain cleaning, the plumber will be able to address all of your clog problems quickly and efficiently.
In addition to chemical cleaners, you can also try homemade drain cleaners. Mixing baking soda with vinegar can clear a clogged drain. These products contain vinegar and baking soda that can help remove dirt and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. You can even purchase barbed plastic drain cleaning tools at the hardware store. If you are using chemical drain cleaners, make sure you purchase the proper one. The chemicals in them may damage the pipes. In addition to causing serious pipe damage, you should use caution when using them.
A clogged drain can ruin a day. It can also cause unpleasant health conditions. If you are not a professional, it is best to hire a professional plumber. You can try drain cleaners and plungers to break up loose clogs, but you should never attempt to clean a clogged drain without the assistance of a professional plumber. So, if you want your drain to be clear, call a professional today.

Mold Growth Solution – How to Get Rid of Mold in Your Home

If you have noticed mold growth on drywall or an insulation board, you should seek professional help. A qualified Mold Removal company will have special equipment to remove the mold and spores. The mold remediation process involves two separate steps. First, a mold remediation company will spray a biocide to render the mold sterile. After spraying biocide, the mold remediation company will remove the mold spores with HEPA-filter vacuums and damp-wiping surfaces.


Another way to deal with mold is to mix borax with one gallon of hot water and shake it to dissolve it completely. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray it on the affected area. Don’t rinse it off. Borax is an excellent preventative measure because it prevents mold growth in the future. However, it can also be dangerous. Despite its benefits, you should wear protective clothing and gloves when dealing with mold. A borax solution found in the laundry aisle, can also be used to kill mold. Visit Website to learn more.

Another way to kill mold is to use baking soda and water to scrub nonporous surfaces. Baking soda is a natural product that kills mold. Add one tablespoon of baking soda to a bottle of water and shake it well. Spray the surface with the solution, and allow it to work for at least an hour. After the solution has dried, rinse it off with clean water to remove the remaining baking soda. This method will kill the mold spores and prevent it from returning.

The tea tree oil solution contains antifungal and antibacterial properties. To make the solution, mix one teaspoon of tea tree oil with a cup of water. Spray it on the affected area, then wipe it with a dry microfiber cloth. After an hour, the solution should dry up. Tea tree oil still irritates the skin, so make sure to use a protective layer before applying it to the moldy surface. You can also use grapefruit seed extract. This natural product contains citric acid that acts as a disinfectant and deodorizer.

Proper ventilation is essential for effective mold removal. If you are not trained in this field, it is best to hire a professional mold removal company. The mold spores can spread throughout the air and can affect your health. In fact, you should use a respirator and protective gear while performing the mold remediation. You should also avoid exposing yourself to mold if you have a family member or friend with a mold allergy.

The proper gear is critical in mold remediation. Wearing protective gloves and eyewear is essential. You should also wear a respiratory mask and protective eyewear. Wear disposable clothes, as well as protective eyewear. Also, don’t eat or drink anything after undergoing general black mold remediation. This will increase your risk of catching an infection. In addition, do not forget to wear a mask, eye protection, and a respirator.

The first steps of mold remediation include containment and ventilation. Proper ventilation will prevent airborne mold spores from spreading throughout the house. In addition, a pump sprayer with a wand will help to reduce mold spores. Cleaning and sealing follow. During the cleanup phase, technicians will remove any infected materials and apply biocide/fungicide/moldicide solutions to the affected area. If the mold problem is severe, mold remediation should be performed by a professional immediately.

When trying to remove mold from the wall, it’s important to first determine where the problem lies. If there is only a small amount of mold, you can use a screwdriver to open the wall and remove the affected area. You should also use a drywall saw to cut out any moldy material. New drywall can then be installed, and the old trim can be painted and nailed back into place. To clean the surface, you can also use bleach or white vinegar to remove any dirt and mold.

Once the surfaces are clean and the surface has been dried, you can allow the occupants to re-enter the area. Once the surface has been thoroughly dried, you should consult a mold removal professional to get rid of hidden mold as well. Remember, that mold can begin growing within two or three days following a water event, so you must do everything you can to dry the affected area as soon as possible. If you suspect hidden mold, you should have it inspected by a licensed mold removal company.

Shipping Containers for Sale – Which Ones Suits You Best?

Shipping containers are one of the most versatile and effective ways to safely and securely transport goods from one place to another. First, this is because they can come in handy for carrying goods over long distances. Second, this is because these containers are built to carry heavy loads and are very strong. Also, they come with heavy-duty locking mechanisms which ensure that all your belongings remain safe and secure. 

shipping container

Shipping containers usually come in four distinct sizes: Mini, 16 foot, 9 foot, & 18 foot. These are based on the size of the shipment that needs to be transported; hence, the container’s size determines the size you need. The mini and 16-foot shipping containers are suitable for small shipments or goods that do not require much space.

As far as the shipping containers themselves are concerned, they come in various materials and shapes. You can choose between corrugated boxes and heavy-duty boxes for shipping. As far as the container type is concerned, these are divided into galvanized steel, galvanized aluminum, and polyethylene. Amongst these, galvanized aluminum is said to be the best because of its superior thermal conductivity, chemical resistance, and economic viability. On the other hand, galvanized steel is affordable and comes in high strength.

Also, when it comes to shipping containers, you need to find a proper container supplier. You can search for such a supplier online. However, before you search for a suitable shipping container supplier, you must ensure that you have a clear idea of the quality of the products you would like to procure from them. As such, do some research about the company and read the reviews and feedback about the company on different websites.

Once you have done so, you can search for a suitable company that offers shipping containers for sale or lease. Various companies offer such services. These companies generally buy the containers from the major shipping line companies and then lease them out to the clients. The primary benefit of this transaction is that you can buy high-quality containers at a reasonable price, thus saving a lot of your own money.

However, before buying the shipping containers from any such company, it is essential to ensure that you hire the right people to manage your accounts. For instance, if you are looking to purchase storage containers from such a company, you must verify that the employees hired by such a company are licensed, bonded, and insured. It is always advisable to discuss in-depth with the employees hired to handle your accounts and storage needs. At the same time, you can also consider requesting a written copy of their service contract along with their respective official papers.

Storage businesses need refrigerated containers to properly store perishable goods, such as perishable fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products. Refrigeration is essential for such products because they need to keep the constant temperature to keep fresh. Moreover, for a thriving business, shipping containers are a must, and the refrigerated containers provided by the shipping line companies are considered perfect for storing these goods. This is why most shipping lines also provide refrigerated containers for sale at a highly competitive price, which is highly beneficial for business owners.

In addition, purchasing shipping containers with heavy materials on board will require more funds for maintenance, operation, and upkeep. Heavy loads in terms of weight could cost the owner of the said container almost $1000 every year. Thus, heavy loads could be avoided by selecting standard containers over these. Standard containers have their advantages, but if money is not an issue for you, then standard containers could be your best choice. For further details regarding containers for sale and other storage needs of your type of business, log on to the internet and get expert guidance.

Residential Electrical Services: Tips and Advice

When you start looking at residential electrical services, you’ll realize there are several types. There are basically three types: distribution, circuit breaker, and circuit. All these types have different ways of providing power to the home. Here is a description of each of those three types.

residential electrical services

Distribution Systems: This system consists of three main components: the mains, a load center, and an outlet. Residential electricians install and wire these components to handle your typical daily use. They hook up to the main electric supply to provide you with the electricity you need. Each of these components needs its own kind of residential electrical services.

Load Centers: Commercial electricians generally install these, but residential electricians can also install them. They’re the heart of any system. They handle all the wiring for all your appliances. These centers must be located in an area with a constant power supply and do not experience extreme weather conditions.

Circuit Breakers: Most houses are built before 1980, and this is when circuit breakers were created. These devices are designed to interrupt your power when there is a problem. They’re great for older homes and buildings because they can handle even the harshest weather conditions. However, most residential electricians do not install circuit breakers unless they’re provided with the homeowner’s permission. If you want to install one, contact your local residential electricians.

Electrical Panels: These are great additions to older homes and buildings. They’re installed on the walls and floors of older homes and structures. They provide light and heat, as well as electrical power. You may need to contact your local residential electrical contractors if you’re interested in having these installed in your home.

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems: These are some of the largest costs for homeowners. They’re responsible for keeping the rooms warm during the winter months and cool during the summer. It’s important to have a good service technician inspect your existing heating and air conditioning systems. Your service technician can make recommendations on what components you can replace and what systems you should keep.

Plumbing: Plumbers can help with hot water systems and can also install new hot water systems. They’re also responsible for installing new sewer lines and can update you on any drainage systems you have. If you have a storm drain, your plumber can help you install a new one to relieve pressure caused by rainwater. They can also inspect your drainage system to determine what’s causing any leaks.

Most residential electrical services won’t require you to do anything besides follow their recommendations. However, if you notice something out of the ordinary about your service calls, it’s a good idea to talk things over with the technicians. They can let you know whether there’s a simple fix you can make or if major damage is likely to occur. They can also inform you of any safety precautions you should be aware of and what you need to do to protect yourself while they’re performing your residential electrical services. You can call us or visit our site to schedule an appointment at any time – day or night.

Electrical service contracts usually last a long time, depending on the type of service you need. For example, electricians with several years of experience will typically earn a higher wage than someone who’s just getting started in the field. Electrical contractors are top-rated because they provide electrical installation and maintenance and even repair – much like plumbing contractors.

It’s also a good idea to hire residential electrical services if you’re considering purchasing or building a home. Most people forget to check for these systems before committing to spending big bucks. Even if your home has a setup for intercom systems, the chances are that you’ll still need to have one installed – even if you’ve been considering purchasing a house with an already installed system. As a reminder, never forget that a new set of intercoms isn’t cheap – so don’t neglect the investment until you need it.

Finally, don’t overlook residential electrical services’ value, whether you’re making a large investment or a small one. Many people forget about the value of having a reliable phone and internet service (for voice and data cabling), security alarm systems, and similar necessities for a residential home. Some homeowners don’t realize the value in getting residential electrical services until disaster strikes, and their service providers can’t help them. Don’t neglect your home just because you think your monthly electric bill isn’t high enough.

All in all, residential electrical services can be a great addition to any home. Just make sure that you’re making the right choice when deciding which company to hire. If you do your research, you can easily find top-quality companies that will give you excellent service at an affordable price. By staying informed and choosing wisely, you can avoid costly mistakes that can waste money and time – and turn your dreams into a nightmare. You can always learn more about your residential electrical services options by visiting ESI, and finding a local electrician online is easy, too.

A Look at Riverside Dog Agencies

There are many Riverside Agencies that offer any number of services, from paralegal services to pet care. Some of the most popular agencies include: Orthopedic Surgery for Dogs; Pets Alive; Pet Placement; and Dogs For Cash. However, the services offered by these agencies vary depending on the preference of the client.

riverside agencies

Pet Placement provides pets for adoption in and around the greater Los Angeles area. They may also have services for spaying and neutering dogs as well as housebreaking and walking them for a fee. Many times, the owners will pay the fee for the service as a way to help the agency to help the pet. To find out more about Pet Placement, visit their website here.

Orthopedic Surgery for Dogs is an agency that helps with finding dogs for adoption as well as boarding, grooming, training, medical care, and vet care. This agency’s goal is to bring dogs to loving homes, but they do not guarantee that the dog will be a suitable match for the family. To help you get started, they offer free consultations. In addition, they may be able to set up an appointment for a walk or visit to your home.

Pets Alive is a Riverside based pet rescue organization. There are many animals in Pet Animals Alive’s shelters. Their goal is to find new homes for animals and to save animals from euthanasia. To help you adopt a pet, they have an online adoption form that will allow you to fill it out with your information and photos. To help you search for a pet, they provide a unique “about us” page that contains important information about the pet adoption program.

In addition to providing the services of Dog Placement and Orthopedic Surgery for Dogs, Pet Alive also provides boarding services, adoption education, and adoption protection. They also help new families and pets to make a long-term, lifelong companion. To find out more about Pet Alive, visit their website. To learn more about Dog Placement, visit their website.

For anyone who has had an unfortunate experience with a dog that was mistreated, Scruffy, an eight-month old Labrador Retriever and one of the dogs at Pets Alive, will help you find a pet to fit your needs. They offer training services to help you teach your dog new tricks, as well as caring for your dog after it is adopted. For more information, visit their website.

Before choosing one of the dogs at pet’s alive, you should know that there are several breeds that are considered “unadoptable.” You should choose a dog based on how the dog behaves around people and other dogs, its health and temperament, and whether it’s friendly or not. One of the most well-known breeds that are considered “unadoptable” are border collies, which are known for territorial behavior and aggression.

You don’t have to adopt a dog from one of the above agencies, but if you’ve had an experience with mistreatment or abuse, it might be in your best interest to consider adopting your own dog from one of the aforementioned agencies. After all, there are many dogs in the L.A. area that need a second chance!

Piano Relocation

The Battle Over Piano Relocation and How to Win It

Regardless of the destination, you can make certain your piano is packed and transported with the ideal equipment. The piano is just one of the biggest and most complicated items to move. The piano when it was initially moved took six people to receive it in the house. Your valuable piano ought to be one of the exact first household items to be loaded into the rear of the truck. The absolute most important piano moving tool that you’re going to be seeking to obtain is a piano lifter.

Try to remember, pianos are not just heavy, they’re awkward. You have to be sure your piano is secure and protected in quality Piano Mover Denver. The piano ought to be covered to avoid being scratched or damaged. It requires various forms of maintenance to produce its best sound. Furthermore, given the simple fact that you’ll be moving piano through your house, you should be sure your walls are well protected. Before you even think about relocating your piano on your own, remember it is among the most troublesome items to move. The next practical advice on how to move a piano long distance to a different house will provide you a far greater idea of what it is that you are predicted to do and what you aren’t advised to do during the authentic relocation of the enormous musical instrument.

Choosing Piano Relocation Is Simple

When it has to do with moving your piano, you are in need of a piano-moving expert someone who’s ready once you are. If you should relocate a piano, find superior piano movers punctually. Piano Moving is a rather delicate procedure and takes more care than other products. Moving a piano is a tough procedure. It can be a very stressful experience, so it may not be the best time to try to figure out how to get your piano down the stairs. During the time you are just about to prepare a piano for relocation, you may want to prepare your house for it too.

What You Need to Do About Piano Relocation Starting in the Next 10 Minutes

Hire expert piano movers in Denver to make certain your piano is secure and protected. It maybe isn’t one of the largest items in your home but certainly is one of the heaviest and most complicated items for the move. In many instances, a piano’s delicate, internal moving parts have to be secured also.

Even with the critical challenge ahead of you, it really is feasible to move a piano by yourself as long as several must-have conditions are satisfied. To begin with, in case you have a piano that must be moved, we highly advise that you hire professional movers to do the job, especially if you should negotiate stairs or elevators. Your piano isn’t merely a part of the furniture, but a delicate instrument that has to be handled with the utmost care. It is a delicate instrument that should be handled with care. Certain pianos, for instance, Grand, needs unique therapy and dismantling, we’ve got special instruments for the activity.

The Secret to Piano Relocation

Secondly, you’re going to require a piano moving dolly. It is not simple to move a piano since it is quite heavy and has an awkward form. Moving a piano is normally best achieved by professional piano movers as it’s a fairly touchy enterprise. As with the majority of instruments, pianos expect a lot of attention as a way to keep them playing smoothly. Upright pianos have a tendency to be rather tall, while grand pianos have a reputation for their odd shapes.